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TNG “Save a Nation”

Apologetics & Christian Worldview Conferences


Truth For a New Generation, in association with Alex McFarland Evangelistic Ministries, exists to equip Christians with a biblical worldview through Conferences and Camps. TNG events are held in cities all across America and feature some of the world’s leading apologists, Christian writers, and evangelists. These incredible godly thinkers and experts in their respective fields have been intentionally selected to present their message, craft and gift to you. Many of them have spoken at some of the nation’s top award-winning conferences around the country. We look forward to seeing you at a TNG event soon!

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A Word From TNG Founder, Alex McFarland:

“The future belongs to those who communicate well!”

Do you believe those words? I do. Indeed, communication is in many ways a competition: a challenge to get your message across, and even a race to ensure that your message is delivered in a timely way. Communication is a multi billion dollar business, and companies wisely know that their future depends on connecting with the public in the most effective way possible.

Traveling throughout the U.S. and internationally over the last 25 years, I have met many incredible godly thinkers and leaders, and have often thought how much wanted people everywhere to hear their messages! The staff and speakers of Truth For A New Generation are trusted colleagues–leaders in their respective fields–and are presenters which I have personally selected. We know that these passionate leaders will indelibly IMPACT your life!

Will future truly, “belong to those who communicate well?”

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